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FRC Team 3932: Dirty Mechanics


         Organized as the Boca Raton 4-H Science and Technology Club, highly motivated students from 8 different high schools and home schools create our community-based FIRST FRC Team 3932  “Dirty Mechanics.” With the support of our great sponsors and dedicated mentors, students apply concepts from daytime STEM classes to the "hands-on" nuts and bolts of building a 120 lb. robot nights and weekends during a 6 week build season.

          Tripling in size, girls on our team(1/3), and a 2:1 student/mentor ratio; we have grown into a year-round program.  Our goals are gracious professionalism, technical and leadership skill building, strategic partnerships, and team sustainability.

           Off-season, we support our community through Boca Helping Hands.  To inspire new members, mentors, and sponsors to join us we promote FIRST through robot demos, holiday parades and volunteer at FIRST tournaments.  Internationally, with one of our sponsors, we are starting FLL teams in Ghana!

          Investing in the future, our graduates have earned over $710K+ in FIRST, 4H, and other scholarships and grants from FIRST participation. Our initial team members are graduating college and landing challenging, well paying jobs!

           We have been FRC World Championship competitors twice! First in 2014, and in 2016, qualifying for FRC Championships as Alliance Champions at the 2014 & 2016 South Florida Regionals. We have also been honored with multiple Regional awards and have been selected as Alliance Partners for Regional Finals matches in 6 of 7 years.

It's all about building relationships
while building robots!  

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