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First Inspiration Break


Take a “FIRST Inspiration Break”, we will be there for you!


At FIRST competitions, competitive robotics team members have their minds on their robots, not themselves. Girls may find they need personal hygiene products or guys may have forgotten their deodorant.


FIRST FRC Team 3932, The Dirty Mechanics, want to give fellow competitors an “FIRST Inspiration Break” in their competition restrooms. At competitions, they have baskets of personal hygiene products, deodorant, hair ties, etc. in all competition restrooms. They also add fun uplifting quotes to inspire their fellow FIRST members and remind them to “Keep Calm and Wrench On!”


Why did we start?  A team member started this initiative several years ago, because she needed a hygiene item while at competition.  Fortunately, her mom attended and could assist her. Realizing this could happen to her, this could happen to anyone! With that in mind, FIRST Inspiration Break became a reality.

How to Join


Share our idea with your team! Inspire your team members to get involved with the program.


Identify your team's ambassadors. These should be students dedicated to driving the program forward!


Look into the floor plan of your next FIRST competition. Decide how many bathrooms you're covering!

gp 3.jpg
Item Budgeting

Decide on a budget for your items before making your purchases! For item ideas take a look below!

Quote List

It's now time for inspiration! Have your team handwrite messages or print out our premade designs for sticky notes.


With your items purchased and sticky notes written, it's time to stock the bathrooms!


Spread the inspiration! Take to social media with #FirstInspirationBreak to show our community what we can do!

First Inspiration Break Resources 

Hand Written Sticky Note
Quote Ideas
Ideas for Inspirational Quotes-1.png
Potential Item List
+ Restocking Plan
First Inspiration Break Product List-1.png
 Printable Sticky Note Designs
#FIB .png
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