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3932 Values

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Organized as the Boca Raton 4-H Science and Technology Club, highly motivated students from
10 different high schools and homeschools create our community-based FIRST FRC Team 393
2 “Dirty Mechanics.”

With the support of our great sponsors and dedicated volunteer mentors, students apply concepts from daytime STEM classes to the "hands-on" nuts and bolts of building a 120 lb. robot nights and weekends.

Team 3932 focuses on community impact, leadership, inclusion, and technical expertise. Everything we do on our team is to work towards these 4 core values

Team Statistics

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"I’m now a project scheduling engineer at a construction company and I never could’ve done any of this without FIRST"



"When I walk through the door and into the robotics room it feels like every bit of anxiety I have melts away. It’s like there's some sort of force field that blocks all bad vibes”


“This team has such a solid support system built of passionate students and caring mentors ”



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